Any of you who are regular readers of blogs will probably know of Hugh MacLeod and his blog gapingvoid.  Hugh’s something of a genius and a hero of mine…he draws brilliant cartoons on the back of business cards and posts them on the blog.  Quite a few resonate with me as they’re about business, marketing and technology – which is where my professional life lies – but Hugh’s also a wine man; he’s marketing strategist for the South African vineyard Stormhoek

I’d hate anyone to think that I’m a French wine snob.  Given where I live, it’s just handier to focus on wines from this region!  In fact, as many friends will tell you, whenever I’m in the UK I’ll generally be getting stuck into some wines from the “new world” as I can’t get hold of them over here.  I’ve not tried Stormhoek as yet, but will certainly try and find some when I’m next in the UK. 

Anyway, I dropped Hugh a line this morning to see if he’d be happy for me to use this cartoon on my blog – I figured it was quite appropriate!  He said yep, no problem, so when my technical abilities are up to it, I hope to make it a feature on the homepage.