I’ve started doing a bit of running again.  I figure I need to make sure I’m doing some exercise to counter my increased wine consumption!  It’s also the handiest way for me to keep in relative shape, and running round here is a pleasure – it’s fairly flat and the roads are pretty quiet.  A couple of years ago I got quite keen and entered a few local races – not because I thought I had a hope of winning any of them, but simply because I’m much more likely to get out and train if I have a clear target.  I even took part in the 2005 half marathon in Bordeaux.  I figured it would be a great way to see the city.  As it turned out, after about the first 8km I spent all my time staring at my feet plodding their way to the finish!  I saw a lot of Bordeaux’s tarmac and not a lot else.  I then picked up a knee injury later that year and have only recently felt comfortable enough to start again. “But what,” I hear you cry, “has this got to do with a blog about wine?” 

Well, I’ll tell you.  I was reminded last night, while watching a programme on the Wine TV channel (honestly, there is – it’s about channel 276 on Sky) that every year there’s the Marathon du Médoc.  It takes place in early September and the course is designed to pass through 59 vineyards throughout its 26 mile journey, including such greats as Château Latour, Lafite-Rothschild, Mouton-Rothschild, Pichon Longueville and Lynch-Bages.  Though it’s very much a “proper” marathon, it’s run in something of a carnival atmosphere, with many of the 8,000 or so runners doing it in costume.  The brilliant thing is that there’s wine tasting along the way, with most of the châteaux en route laying out tables of some of their finest vintages for the runners to taste as they pass! So now I’m thinking that perhaps – if I manage to stay uninjured this year – I might fancy having a crack at it.  Running a marathon has always, I guess, been one of those things that I’ve secretly had ambitions to achieve and what better marathon to run than one through the Médoc? 

Any other running wine enthusiasts out there that might want to join me?