19-jan.JPGAs I mentioned before, I did pick up a bottle of wine yesterday, from Carrefour in Saintes.  I wasn’t really looking for wine (didn’t have the Oz book with me, etc) but glanced around the wine section as always.  I was taken with a wine which I (rightly, as it turns out) presumed was the second wine of the well-known Château Chasse-Spleen from the Moulis AC on the Médoc.  Though it’s not a Cru Classe, many people think it should be (including Oz – “a Classed Growth in all but name”) – this does mean, however, that it can’t demand the same price as the Médoc’s Classed Growths.  Indeed, at 9,55 euros, the second wine – l’Oratoire de Chasse-Spleen – looked good value.  It was a 2003 and, as second wines can generally be drunk that bit younger (see this previous post for more on second wines) – should be coming into its own about now. Well, after tasting it last night, I can tell you that it certainly is.  It’s a lovely drop.  Quite light, as you’d expect, but lovely blackcurrant aromas and a bit of spice on the tongue.  Not too tannic, either.  Really delicious and a great “everyday drinker” – so much so that I went back this morning and bought a dozen more! 

In addition, I picked up a case of six Canon de Brem 2002 (at 10,50 euros a piece).  It’s a Canon-Fronsac which gets a nice write-up in the Oz book and which is owned, appropriately, by former Carrefour supermarket supremo Jean Halley.  It’s drinkable now and for the next few years and I’m interested in tasting it as it has, unusually, no Cabernet Sauvignon in the blend – just Merlot and Cabernet Franc – so should be exceptionally fruity. I was looking for something from the Margaux AC as I’ve never tasted anything from the area.  I settled on a couple of bottles of Château du Tertre 2004  – a 5ème Cru Classé – at 19,50 each.  They’ll need a few years in the cave, but anything older was really stretching the budget!  Finally, I grabbed two bottles of Château Haut-Bages-Libéral 2004, also a 5ème Cru Classé but this time from Pauillac, at 19,75 euros.  Apparently, the château is only separated by a little lane from the great Château Latour, so expectations are high.  Again, though, it’ll need a few years in the cave.  Sadly. 

I also bought some bananas.  Well, you’ve got to eat, haven’t you? The picture shows Lexie guarding this latest haul in the back of the car.