canon-de-brem.JPGA story from caught my eye this morning (it’s well worth subscribing to the news feed, by the way) relating, as it did, to a wine I bought a case of only last week – the Canon de Brem 2002 Canon-Fronsac. 

The owner of the chateau has decided to “declassify” the wine and turn it into the second wine of Chateau la Dauphine, which he also owns.  La Dauphine is in the Fronsac AC and, although obviously closely related, Canon-Fronsac is often regarded as the more prestigious of the two, so some might think it odd to declassify the Canon-Fronsac and make it the second wine of a Fronsac.

The simple answer seem to be that there’s greater awareness of La Dauphine amongst consumers.  In fact, the owner Guillaume Halley (just 29 years old) says that every year they sell out of La Dauphine but have a stock of Canon de Brem left, so it sounds like a pretty straightforward commercial decision to bring Canon de Brem under the La Dauphine banner.  He does also own supermarlets, after all, so knows how to shift stuff!

Still, after the 2006 vintage, Canon de Brem will cease to exist (as a name, at least) so there might be some rarity value in my small collection, if nothing else.