fleur-cardinale.jpgI picked up a bottle of Chateau Fleur Cardinale St-Emilion Grand Cru in the Leclerc supermarket in Saintes a few days back.  It was a 2002 vintage so I felt had just enough age to drink, which is exactly what we did last night.  It was absolutely fantastic – deliciously fruity, deep ruby red and exceptionally smooth.  If I can find some, I resolved, I’m going to get some more (the bottle I bought was unfortunately the last on the shelf).  It was also excellent value at a shade over 13 euros.

I looked the chateau up on the web today.  It’s got a nice little website and I was very pleased to see that Fleur Cardinale has been promoted to Grand Cru Classe in the recent review of the St-Emilion classification.  I’m even keener to get hold of some more now – though suspect the reason that the shelves of Leclerc were so empty was that some had heard the news before I did!  Worth a search though.