03-01-07_0825.jpgI was down at Bordeaux airport on Saturday picking my folks up.  It’s a nice airport – not too big, light and airy and deathly quiet on a Saturday lunchtime.  It’s also got rows of vines planted outside the terminal building! 

Typical of most aiports, it’s got a selection of shops and cafes and, inevitably, there’s a shop that sells wine for those last-minute impulse purchases before jumping on the plane.  The wine shop’s also got a sale on at the moment – and it’s definitely worth a browse.

On the floor of the wine shop there are a load of cardboard wine carriers, each holding six bottles.  There are signs on top explaining that there’s currently 25% off the price of the wines in the boxes – and it’s only when you get closer that you notice the scribbled details on each box of what’s inside. 

03-01-07_0911.jpgMost were mixed cases and the example in the photo gives you an idea of the quality.  This one contained three bottles of Chateau Cheval Blanc 2002 (at 292,10 euros each), and single bottles of Chateau Figeac 1998 and 2000 (157 and 149,50 euros respectively) and Vieux Chateau Certan (276 euros).  So a quick bit of mental aritmetic and that little lot comes to nearly 1,500 euros (I’m not sure whether that was before or after the discount!)  I noticed other boxes containing bottles of Petrus, Ausone, Latour…remarkable.  Well worth a look if you’re ever passing through the airport – the shop’s upstairs between the two terminals (and is actually part of the newsagent’s!)