I suspect I might have done something rather rash.

Today I registered on the site iDealwine.  You might know of it…it’s a wine auction website.  I was just doing it for research purposes you understand.  Still, I thought I’d try it out.  Most lots were of six or a dozen bottles, but there were a few single bottle lots around, which I thought more sensible.  I noticed a bottle of Reserve de la Comtesse 1988 in an auction about to end – estimate was 25 euros, current bid was 20, so I trumped that with a big 21 euro bid.  And I won.  Obviously I hadn’t registered the fact that there’d be taxes and hefty delivery charges which have pushed the price up to 32 euros…still, it’s the oldest bottle of wine I’ve ever bought and I’ll be able to open the bugger as soon as it drops through the letterbox (if it ever does).

Now, it’s not a huge amount of money so might not sound very rash.  Thing is, it was so bloody painless!  I think I can spy a slippery slope over the horizon.