banner.gifRed Vin Man has recently been added to a new website, the Wine Blog Atlas.  As it’s name suggests, it’s a map of the world showing where lots (or soon to be lots, I’m sure) of wine bloggers are based.  Rather than include all of the hundreds of blogs about wine around the world, however, the site is geared towards bloggers who write about the region in which they reside, which is why I qualify.  So, if you want to read about the wines of Rioja from someone who’s there, the Wine Blog Atlas will be the place to start.

It’s all based on Google’s mapping technology which, if you haven’t used it before, is great for wasting away a few hours!  The map of the entire earth on the homepage will soon become very crowded, no doubt, but once you start zooming in a bit it soon opens up.  The pin pointing to Red Vin Man actually penetrates the earth about a kilometre from my house but I reckon that’s close enough (I can actually see it from my window…)