cave.JPGI thought I’d do a bit of organisation in my cave this weekend.  Obviously I’m using cave in this context as the French word for cellar, rather than having you thinking that I live in a hole in a mountainside (therefore phonetically it’s more like “carve” than “kayve”).  Anyway, I digress.  The cave here at Les Chapelles was built by the previous owner.  It’s basically a room constructed of breeze blocks within a large barn.  It works pretty well – doesn’t get too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter.  And it’s a good size.  By my reckoning, if all the walls were filled with racking, I could get perhaps 1,200 bottles in there!  Currently, however, there’s only enough racking for about 250 (which still isn’t bad, I guess) and the rest of the space is taken up by golf clubs and other assorted junk.  So, I tidied the place up and re-carpeted with some artificial grass we had.  In fact, it now looks like the bastard child of a greengrocer’s, an off-licence and a golf shop.  (more…)